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Defragler – the Harmony in Chaos

DefraglerDefragler (Nikolai) is a DJ and producer from Bulgaria. He was born in 1985 in the decline of totalitarian Bulgaria. In childhood Nikolai has diverse interests, but the greatest pleasure he experienced with painting and music, and they became his hobby and passion from an early age. The first serious meeting with electronic music happened in the 1998th when he heard for the first time “The Prodigy – The Fat of the Land”. Since then conceived a passion that encompasses many styles from  metal and electronic scenes also hip-hop artists – to search for aggressive, emotional music, heavy, yet melodic and influential.
Strong impact on the musical interests of the teenager have metal bands like KoЯn, The Offspring, Rage Against the Machine, Slipknot, Soulfly

After 2000 the electronic scene is becoming quite popular in Bulgaria, while in Berlin Street parades gather millions dancing on the streets. In Defragler’s hometown – Kazanlak then gaining popularity was an unique visioned club for electronic music – Corpus 703 – decorated as a nuclear submarine.

The club became popular and began to gather many people from the country also DJs like: Balthazar, Jackrock, Versus, Birben, Nukon,,
Then Nikolai met with nearly DJing and organizing parties, helping to occur several events in Corpus Club 703.

At the age of 16 by the pseudonym DJ NiKK, using the “power” of computers in 2001 founded the first and only until now “EP” – a compilation of 7 electronic tracks.

Two years later he faces the dilemma of dealing with music or to begin higher education and professional development in the field of IT. Selects second, but vows as soon as possible to resume their interests in producing and mixing music.

In Nikolai’s life follows a period of over 10 years, which deals with education, employment, fight against the vagaries of life, exploring yet another new place in life – beautiful but floundering economic sea capital of Bulgaria – Varna. His passion for music remains at “avid fan” until 2013, when a party at the club “Tsunami” in Varna heard live “CrossBreed” mix of the famous Bulgarian DJ and producer Ogonek. The idea mix specific heavier electronic style music is back in his thoughts, and he decided that he should return to his hobby of DJing and producing. There was the purchase of equipment and the support of friends, began the first parties, which have the opportunity to experiment with new styles “crossbreed and neurofunk”. Soon followed the first official events and parties with whom the first performances of “returning” DJ.

defragler_am_sc After the closing of the club “Tsunami” and leaving the city quite famous artists and producers, and their positioning in the capital of Bulgaria, Varna literally left without a major electronic scene. Defragler and his friends and fans can not put up with this.

For this reason, at the late 2015, together with The Dark One, Pilitroncore and Nanotech launch “Alternative Movement”, to which later joined SML & Choda.

Alternative Movement is a movement for alternative music and aims to revive the electronic scene in Varna – to stimulate its diversity and quality.
Whether these guys are going to make difference and how Defragler will be involved, we will found out soon.
Stay tuned.

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