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The Dark One

The Dark One – the dark side of electronic music:

The electronic music is one virtually infinite universe and like a living creature, It grows and evolves constantly. Among all countless genres and subgenres, there is an area, called “the dark side”, where the most interesting part of this vast world lies. Encountering the most remarkable audio experiments, you will realize that their creators, the music experimentalists, are also driving a force which is constantly shifting the boundaries between music genres. If new and unknown things evoke your interest or you are just curious to hear them, then It’s pointless to tell you that you just came to the right fucking place. You are now looking at the page of one of these artists: “The Dark One” – a producer, DJ and founder of Alternative Movement organisation in Varna, Bulgaria. The Dark One started his music endeavour at the beginning of 2006 and it quickly became his greatest passion. With the time his productions evolved and changed many genres, but they always carry his unique and distinct sound. They are a combination of aggressive hardcore beats, distorted bass and dark, but melodic industrial synths. The atmospheric background is filled with eerie pads, creepy glitches and noises, which intend to amplify the psychotic nuance in these chaotic pieces of art. Generally, The Dark One`s music emphasizes the people’s destructive nature, accurately representing his dystopian vision about the future of our world.

There is a second project in the making – Alpha Signal LIVE, which is a reference to the more drum and bass influenced production of Deyan Dark. Expect some fresh material soon

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Alpha Signal – the new live electronic music project of The Dark One














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